About Us

SUPREME SAFETY is an Australian business that was established in June 2000 providing quality Safety Posters and Safety Signs Australia wide.

The goal of SUPREME SAFETY was to research the major accidents occurring in the workplace and to develop a range of safety posters and signs.

You can use these safety posters and safety signs to support the safety management in your workplace. 

Our OHS posters can also be used to create an environment of safety consciousness in your business and comply with your workplace duty of care. 

SUPREME SAFETY posters and signs are one of the most economical and effective means to convey the safety message and maintain a safer environment in your business.





A full range of safety posters
covering major workplace
incidents and injuries.

All your mandatory safety
signs and more.

A series of posters to
motivate your workforce.

Fully customised safety
planners to organise your
safety tasks for the year.

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